KinoWa® produced by La-Muga

Natural Tree Ring Dish

Round sliced woods get dry and naturally crack, however,
we have made it possible to make them uncracked taking advantage of nature of wood.
And we make them into dishes with a special food-safe paint.
Enjoy our natural beauty of the unique tree ring on your table!


It is water/oil-shedding finish.
Wash it gently with mild detergent and a sponge.
The special paint prevents it from its deformation, crack and stain.
We buy FSC-certified hinoki cypress logs in Tenryu, Japan by ourselves and make our products in our own atelier.
The paint is based on Food Sanitation Act of Japan.

Patent applied for in Japan

KinoWa Series

  • KinoWa

    It is our standard lineup.
    Natural tree ring shows up best on this product.
    In several sizes and thicknesses.

  • Kinomama

    Enjoy its nuanced beauty of natural shape of tree.

  • Kinomama Urushi
    KinoWa Urushi

    Urushi artisan coats dishes carefully with Japanese lacquer.

  • KinoWa Unique

    We use its curved shape of base of blanches.

How to care

  • The color and grain of plates are different one by one.
  • Take care not to drop them to avoid cracking.
  • Do not put them in oven, microwave and dish-washer.
  • Keep them away from the fire.
  • Hinoki cypress may be resinous. If a plate gets stains because of it, wipe them off with alcohol.
  • Wash them with a neutral detergent, a sponge and water.
  • Do not soak them in water too long.
  • Don’t use cleanser, scrubbing brush and bleach.


Tomohiro Imanishi